JANAEA ROSE LYN - Dance Artist

Dance This Notebook! Moving With Your Creativity...
"Dance This Notebook, created by Janaea Rose Lyn and Laura Higgins Palmer, is a must for dance students and dance teachers.  Each page contains an inspirational quote and dance inspired art, with plenty of space to be filled in by the reader.  The reader can write their corrections for the day, dance combinations, choreography, new ideas, music, etc.  The book fits easily into your purse or dance bag."

- Mary Price Boday, author of "A Dancer’s Journey - It All Began with a Lie,
the biography of dance pioneer Mary Anthony"

Live action line drawings by visual artist Laura Higgins Palmer are paired with thoughtful
quotes by performing artist Janaea Rose Lyn. This 6 x 9 inch portable journal, perfect for recording ideas, insights and reflections,
 and makes a wonderful gift for  all types of creative people.

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