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      Best Life

Individual and Group Sessions 

Dance Your Best Life is a mentoring service designed to assist dance professionals

with creating and maintaining a meaningful work/life balance.







We dance because we love it, but there are times we must remember to show ourselves the same affection and may need some guidance and support to do so.

Individual Sessions provide an opportunity to unpack issues and challenges that you as are dealing with, no matter the dance style, type of career or life stage. Unlike a traditional life coach, I bring deep knowledge of the physical, emotional and psychological demands of our profession. I know from experience how difficult it is to accomplish everything required for your work and still find adequate time for everyone and everything else that matters to you. I can help you change that equation and create a shape that works for your whole life. Now, and as it evolves.

Group Sessions are designed to facilitate dialogue around shared concerns, identify resources, and foster a supportive community. Content is determined by the participants who may be by individuals in a regional dance community, or by artists or  educators working at a host company or organization. Topics might include issues faced by dancers who are also single parents or care givers, or those encountered by faculty navigating institutional policies and excessive workloads. 

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Complimentary Half Hour Consultation
Sessions are Offered on a Sliding Scale

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