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In every culture, dance is a powerful means of expression, collaboration, and community building. Through creative movement we bring our stories and traditions forward in an embodied way to connect more deeply with ourselves, with others, and with the divine in all of us.


Moving the Moment is a series of workshops designed to help participants connect more deeply with their bodies and to release the places where stress is held. These group sessions incorporate imagery, mindful moving and creative dance to facilitate wellness through physical, emotional and spiritual integration. Each class has a similar format but with a focus on a particular theme: 

Time In: Avoiding Burnout with Balance

Always Bend Never Break: Flexibility is Key to Resilience

Beyond Fight or Flight: Countering Adrenalin with Endorphins

Hydrating the Parched Heart: Held Emotions Cause Physical Stress

Moving Your Moment are individual sessions tailored to the needs of the client.



For Workshop Information:

"The wonderful Moving the Moment session was very helpful to me to gain relaxation and meditation strategies, and connect them to movements that I will remember. " - Nancy S.

Isadora Duncan Dance

 "The dances of Isadora Duncan performed by Janaea Rose Lyn will linger in the memories of audiences...transformed with such tenderness of gesture, particularly an extremely beautiful and bewitching sequence with rose petals."  - Glos Wielpolska, Poland

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and Historical Presentations with Archival Collection.


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“Thank you for saving my life and believing in me from the moment we met.”
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Esmeralda Castro


David Hardison

“You've taught me so much about dance & life itself. Thank you for carrying me under your wing all these years, words cannot express what you mean to me.”
“You are such an amazing human being. I cannot get enough of your spirit, light, intelligence, smile, just being around you makes
me feel full.”

Leidy Ruelas

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